Talem and Borrowed Time

We are going to be part of Borrowed Time

More info about art.earth who are organising Borrowed Time here


A Group Meditation and Exploration

A deeply meditative group exploration on death and life, to galvanise the community in embodied action using Medieval and Japanese rite.

This is an open experiment focused on our imminent demise. It engages and gives each individual the chance to allow sensation, experience, feeling and thought to arise. Happening in a directed context with prompts from the facilitators, the results will be curated and disseminated both to the individuals and on a shared platform for the understanding, healing and future of those individuals, the community, the land, and the wider environment.

I have referred to the Offices of the conventual / monastic life – ancient, ritual behaviour emanating from discipline, which fosters a deep, spiritual connection between participants and a greater power from which we seek inspiration and solace. 

Published by talemcollective

We are two women artists, one from Germany living in Maryport, England and the other from England living in Edinburgh Scotland. We have never met in person (yet), only online (because of the Covid restrictions)

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